About the Band


In a field choked with wanna-be blues weeds, Dynamojo blooms triumphantly above the muck and mire, a true flower of authentic blues power. Constantly striving, each member brings his own tentacle of verve and dedication to this veritable Kraken of American roots music. Several chose the road of bio enhancement, having so-called “mojo” hands and teeth grafted or implanted in suitable areas. Alternate Saturdays are spent at the crossroads or intersections “trying to flag a ride”.

Band members bicker and squabble as befits authentically talented and conflicted artists; occasional storming-out-of-rehearsal is encouraged in the pursuit of hard-bitten, world-weary personas.

Wives cooperate by sporadically threatening authentic violence and issuing ultimatums such as “come home right away,” “think about someone besides yourself for a change” or the classic “I’m catching the train home.”

But it gets better— having decided to embark on the long quest toward low-paying bar gigs by appearing for free in the places that will have them, they will not rest until the smiles have been wiped from their faces, nor until every last one truly understands the meaning of the blues euphemism, “dust my broom”.

Our line up is:
Lucky T    – Vocals and Bass
RB Sweetness  – Vocals and Guitar
Deacon John – Vocals and Guitar
Barefoot Matt – Drums and Vocals

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